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Word ban at CDC includes 'vulnerable,' 'fetus,' 'transgender'

Officials at the CDC are under order by the Trump administration to stop using specific words in 2018 budget documents, according to The Washington Post.

10 health questions that had you Googling this year

In 2017, you asked Dr. Google "What is keto diet," "What are opioids," and "What is lupus." Here are some of the top-trending health-related Google searches of the year.

Lupus: What you need to know

It's a centuries old disorder that wasn't recognized as worthy of research funding until 2005.

'13 Reasons Why' tied to rise in suicide searches online

When it comes to the hit Netflix series "13 Reasons Why," many viewers find themselves on either side of a controversial debate.

Ohio bill would prohibit abortions in Down syndrome cases

A bill that could keep women from having abortions after tests reveal that a fetus might have Down syndrome is heading to Ohio Gov. John Kasich's desk.

Does Christmas music turn you into the Grinch?

Does Christmas music put you in the spirit of giving or turn your heart two sizes too small?

Seven filthy food habits and how dirty they really are

Yum, who's hungry for a slice of cake loaded with bacteria? A chip dipped in both salsa and bacteria? Mmm, what about a piece of toast that just fell on the bacteria-covered floor?

How an 'ugly,' unwanted weapon became the most popular rifle in America

AR-15 style rifles have been used in some of the most notorious mass killings in recent history: Aurora, Vegas, Texas, San Bernardino.

Boy with cancer inspires family to start organic farm

Eleven years ago, the Tyson family seemed to have it all. Nicole and Scott Tyson had just bought land in Sharpsburg, Georgia, to build their dream home. They envisioned starting a small farm, with a place for their kids to play.