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Thanksgiving Eve: Your guide to meeting up before eating up

For many people, the holiday season -- Festivus! -- begins on Thanksgiving Eve.

11 things you'll fight over this Thanksgiving (besides politics)

As we all know, Thanksgiving isn't always the harmonious holiday it's sometimes made out to be.

9 Thanksgiving dishes that can pile on the calories

Do you really know what's on your Thanksgiving plate? Here's a breakdown of the delicious calories you might be enjoying at dinner.

Help! How to lower Thanksgiving stress

Writing a story about Thanksgiving stress is ironic, because I don't personally feel stressed at all as the holiday fast approaches. I keep waiting for the stress to hit me like a sledgehammer, especially since we are hosting for the first time in more than five years and my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law, whom I adore, keep asking if I'm sure I really want to host.

The happiest cities in America

I've spent my life traveling the world in the pursuit of health and happiness.

These countries hold the secret to a long and healthy life

People are living longer than ever before. Today, the majority worldwide can safely see themselves living into their sixties, according to the World Health Organization.

Court-ordered 'corrective' ads to debut

Tobacco companies are expected to launch court-ordered ads, detailing the harms of smoking, in newspapers and on primetime TV this weekend.

Philadelphia neurologist admits groping patients

A Philadelphia neurologist pleaded guilty this week to seven counts of sexual misconduct with patients and was sentenced to seven years probation.

'Thanksgiving miracle': Baby denied kidney receives transplant

An Atlanta baby receives a kidney transplant after the hospital first denied surgery due to his father's arrest.

JFK's assassination aided by his bad back, records show

JFK's life-long struggle with chronic back pain made him one of our sickest presidents and may have kept him from recoiling from Lee Harvey Oswald's first bullet, setting him up for the second, kill shot.